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Other Points to Consider

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Other Points to Consider

You should discuss your wishes with your Agent, other family members, close friends, and your medical providers so there is no question everybody is on the same page. This discussion will also show whether or not someone agrees with you. While it would be nice if everybody agreed with your decisions, it is paramount that your Agent and Medical Provider who will be assisting you in your time of need agree with your decisions. Studies have shown that when someone is unable to make decisions for themselves, medical providers are prone to act in a manner that will be least likely to cause them a future legal problem, even if it is contrary to your written document. Studies have also shown that Agents are more likely to follow their own decision-making preferences, which is fine, if those preferences are the same as yours, but not so fine, if they are contrary to your preferences.

Remember that if you cancel or change your Power of Attorney document(s) you must let everyone know.

It is a good idea to carry a card in your wallet to let people know that you have one or more Powers of Attorney.