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Don’t Ignore That Credit Card Lawsuit

by Gail L. Hills, Esq.

Don’t Ignore That Credit Card Lawsuit


A sheriff knocks at your door and hands you a paper that says you are being sued.  As your heart pounds, you take a closer look and realize you are being sued for unpaid credit card debt.  You’ve received a million phone calls from this company, but you never had a credit card with them – you thought they would go away.

If you are like many people, you decide to ignore it.  Doing nothing is a big mistake!  Even though you don’t know the company, they can still win a judgment against you if you don’t show up in court.  With a judgment against you, they can come after your property.

Do not despair!  You can win this with the help of an attorney who is familiar with this type of lawsuit.  You cannot afford to ignore this.

The company whose name you don’t recognize is a secondary debt buyer.  Companies like Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates, and LVNV Funding (and many more) buy unpaid debt from credit card companies.  Credit card companies take a bundle of unpaid debt that they’ve written off and sell it to companies, like the one that sued you, for pennies on the dollar.  Now it becomes a numbers game.  The debt buyers are gambling that enough people will either work out a payment with them or simply not show up in court so they can get a judgment.  They file thousands of lawsuits every week.  They are winning cases that they shouldn’t be winning.

If you hire a lawyer to defend your position, their lawyer will most likely not have enough evidence to prove they even own the debt!  These cases are highly winnable for the defendant.  But you need to have a lawyer on your side who knows how to win them.

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