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  • Your Tax Debt May Be Discharged in Bankruptcy

    By: Gail L. Hills, Esquire Clients often consult with me because they owe a significant amount of tax debt.  Some have filed their tax return, but do not have the money to pay what they owe.  However, some make the mistake of not filing their …

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  • How Long Do I Have To Wait to File Bankruptcy Again?

    The decision to file for bankruptcy is not easy for most of my clients.  Many go through months, even years, of calls and letters from creditors demanding money my clients just don’t have.  Filing bankruptcy a second time is even harder.  Nobody said life is …

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  • Bankruptcy Scam

    Scammers will stop at nothing to get what they want. Here is a report, taken from the United States Courts’ website (, that warns of scammers calling bankruptcy filers posing as attorneys demanding money. Remember, when you file your bankruptcy petition, the automatic stay prevents …

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  • Essential Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

    When I talk about estate planning with my clients, they typically think I’m talking about a will or a trust.  While they are important pieces to estate planning, the power of attorney and the health care power of attorney/living will are essential for unmarried couples.  …

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  • Don’t Ignore That Credit Card Lawsuit

    A sheriff knocks at your door and hands you a paper that says you are being sued.  As your heart pounds, you take a closer look and realize you are being sued for unpaid credit card debt.  You’ve received a million phone calls from this …

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  • What Happens To My Car In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

      A big question many people have when filing chapter 7 bankruptcy is what happens to their car if they still owe money on it.  One thing is for sure, whether you are filing for bankruptcy or not, if you don’t keep making your payments …

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